Hired Hand is an online transcription agency. Since 1995 we have provided transcripts for:

  • Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Meetings
  • Speeches
  • Seminars

Hired Hand's clients are a diverse group, including:

  • Authors
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Churches
  • Consulting
  • Management
  • Government Agencies
  • Entertainment
  • Media
  • Insurance
  • Medical & Health
  • National Organizations
  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Publishing media
  • Speech Writers
  • University Research


If you are an experienced general transcriptionist or proofreader who is available for work at home during normal business hours and occasionally during the evenings for rush jobs, we would welcome your resume.

Please send it to mike@hiredhand.com


We can transcribe from micro-cassettes, standard audio cassettes, VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs, or audio files in almost any format. Transcripts are generally returned as Word .doc files, but we can provide other formats as well, including rich text files which can be used with Open Office. At no additional cost, all transcripts are checked by both the transcriber and an independent proofer.


An accurate transcript depends upon a clear and audible recording, and that involves more than putting a microphone on a table and turning on a recorder. Hired Hand believes that, whenever possible, a transcription company should be involved before the recording process begins. We will be happy to send you suggestions on improving audio quality for your recordings with no charge or obligation. And if you have additional questions about the recording process, don't hesitate to contact us.


Should you or someone you know be in need of transcription services, please email us for a quote at:


or call 520-326-8831


To provide an accurate quote we will need to know:

  • The format of the recorded material. Is it a digital audiofile, a standard tape cassette, a micro-cassette, a file on a CD or DVD, or a VHS videotape?
  • The approximate number of hours of audio you have.
  • The nature of the material. Is it one-on-one interviews, focus groups, lectures, meetings, speeches?
  • Your turnaround requirements. How quickly do you need it back?